Dr. Aaron J. Griffen Academic and Professional Background

Directory of Diversity Equity and Inclusion
DSST Public Schools

May 1, 2018 to Present

As Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, I have the opportunity to develop and manage a multi-year equity plan that supports the DSST Public Schools Strategic Plan and our Equity Working Group in partnership with the National Equity Project.  In addition, I get to work collaboratively across the organization to manifest DSST Public School’s commitment to equity into day to day actions and develop consistent communication and feedback mechanisms to ensure we are able to identify, discuss and address equity issues impacting our students, schools and staff members. Additionally, in partnership with the Senior Manager of Leadership Development and Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition, we integrate our beliefs in equity into the scope and sequence while we lead, manage, and execute any specific sessions and strands that come out of our collaboration.  This includes facilitating and leading the aligned sessions to build capacity of others to lead equity trainings, discussions, facilitations.

Adjunct Professor, Education Programs
Argosy University

January 2018 - Present

Courses taught provide an examination of educational issues pertinent to administration within the context of the current demographic realities found within the United States. Focus is on the dimensions of diversity, the development and importance of an equitable curriculum and its impact on students and adults.

AERA (SIG) Coordinator - School and University Partnerships

April 2016 to April 2019

As the Coordinator of School/University Partnerships for the AERA SIG "A Critical Examination of Race Ethnicity Class and Gender", I worked with other university partners to develop a working stream of partnership initiatives where the university expanded beyond the schools into the communities.

Sierra High School

May 2014 to May 2018

As Principal of Sierra High School I had to privilege of working in a culturally, linguistically, economically, educationally, and diverse community school that is steeped in academic and athletic tradition where students' unique talents and gifts are exposed, examined and explored. We ensured that while earning college credits on campus and becoming community leaders, innovators and socially conscious thinkers, student opportunities were limitless as they were immersed in Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment courses, AVID, AVP, and the gtPathways - all in collaboration with Sierra's highly qualified, dedicated and skilled faculty and staff.

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