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by Dr. Aaron J. Griffen

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A Call for Principals as Culturally Responsive Instructional Leaders

July 16, 2018

To be Culturally Responsive Instructional Leaders (CRILs), principals must invest in the primal attribute that all CRILs possess. That is critical dispositions, critical minds, critical eyes, and critical critiques of criticisms of culturally contrived conceptions of leadership. Culturally Responsive Instructional Leaders (CRILs) constantly contradict any status quo. How CRILs are defined, the CRIL’s theories, leadership, and decision-making styles provide guides to thinking and actions relative to African American, Urban-defined and Suburban learners, and their communities. The development of CRILs is one of many steps towards narrowing the Opportunities Gap and promising that students of color and poverty reach their fullest potential.esources for your visitors. Choose a great image or photo to feature in your article or add a video for extra engagement!

The Advantage of My Invisibility: African American Lobbyists Enact Reverse Interest Convergence

December 1, 2017

This study explored the complex set of factors surrounding the world of four African American educational lobbyists by presenting their varied perspectives and meanings of how they interpret their role in education.  African American educational lobbyists are at a distinct disadvantage in their ever changing social and political environments due to limited mobilized interests for education and the limits of African American representation in the legislative process...Reverse Interest Convergence is introduced as a strategy utilized by African American educational lobbyists in their attempt to impact and influence education for Black and Brown children academically, socially and economically. Through reporting the experiences of African American educational lobbyists, we are able to hear their voices as they relate to their impact on education and thus allow them to discover their invisibility (Dubois, 1938).

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The Disestablishment of African American Male Compliant Ambiguity: A Prison Pipeline Essay

November 8, 2017

There is an apex to each day, a climax, where a decision is made, and a falling action is the result of that decision. Recommendations to combat the never-ending struggle of my invisibility are derived from culturally relevant and culturally response frameworks, resiliency frameworks and ethical caring frameworks. Without systemic reform in local educational settings to include local teachers, administrators, parents and students providing new conceptual frameworks for learner and teacher efficacy attainment, the African American male learner will persistently encounter crucial conflicts throughout the School to Prison pipeline while dually entering an invisible space not observed because of the focus on policy that perpetuates the pipeline. This essay shows that everyday when African American boys enter the pipeline we are faced with two distinct conflicts: Man vs. Man and Man vs. Himself and are dually navigating an invisible space, compliant ambiguity. In either case, our decisions are commonly incorrect and often problematic.


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